We are an India based couple with very different likes and personalities.

Itisha likes to research and plan and then do some more research. Sohil likes to turn up at a place randomly but loves a good deal. Itisha likes cities and towns and people and lively places, while Sohil likes off-road and adventures and calm places.

​So we travel together to explore places, cultures, food, and adventures utilizing both our strengths and figuring out plans which involve something for both of us. It may not be always smooth, but this way both of us get to live unique experiences. 

​The ‘blue bag‘ was bought almost 6 years back for one of our first trips and has been a true companion for us on most (if not all) of our trips; hence the name of the blog.

We are doing the same with this blog. Itisha has a great memory and loves to keep a record, while fair to say Sohil does not have a great memory but is pretty decent at writing and editing. Sometimes it may lack coherence, but it will make it up in worldliness.

​And finally, Itisha likes getting pictures clicked, Sohil clicks, sorry, ‘likes to‘ click.

Get in touch for collaboration, sharing stories, getting recommendation or just chatting up 🙂

Blue Bag at the Beach

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